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About me:
I love to draw and RP. I also like video games even though I often draw instead. If you want to chat, feel free to send a note asking for my Skype~ I love to talk about drawing and characters and I don't mind explaining how I do things!

Every watch, comment and favorite is very much appreciated!:heart:

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Do you keep your old works? 

10 deviants said Yes, I like to keep everything.
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Old art appreciation meme!

Tue Jul 1, 2014, 2:22 PM

Okay, so I had an idea and now I'm doing it. I'm a person who looks forward a lot and past achievements tend to slip my mind pretty fast. But sometimes it's also good to look back and acknowledge what you already have achieved! So I had the thought, why not start a little thing to celebrate some of the old?

The rules:
-Make a new journal and include the rules!
-Select old works in your gallery that you're still proud of and also put them in the journal. The reason can be anything, the concept, execution, liking how you did that little cloud in the corner.
-There's no minimum or maximum, the amount is up to you. 
-Optionally, comment on why you're still proud of those pieces.
-Tag people! There's no upper or lower limit.

And that's it really.

Here are old pieces I'm still proud of (most of them are fan art, I drew more of that before):
1.Touhou: Moonlight Steps by Reiirin 2.Umineko: EP 3 by Reiirin 3.Umineko: Winchesters by Reiirin 4.Umineko: Dance in the Sky by Reiirin 5.Touhou: Flames of Hell by Reiirin

6.Space Explorers by Reiirin 7.Spring Green by Reiirin 8."Prepare for Battle!" by Reiirin 9.VC2: Encounter by Reiirin 10.VC2: Battle Maiden by Reiirin

1. Tewi fanart: I absolutely adored Tewi's jumpy energetic theme and since she's a moon rabbit I did a steps leading to the moon thing. I still like the concept a lot, though it would look nice with some bamboo forest... but I try not to touch old works too much.
2. Umineko Arc3 fanart: I worked sooo hard on this one because I was seeing all the cool fanarts people did for this arc. Mine still pales in comparison, and there are some very stupid errors, but I still like the composition and coloring, and I think past me did a pretty decent job.
3. Ushiromiya Western! As silly and as nonsensical this is (well, the Winchesters weren't exactly a source of silly in the series but) I really really like the concept of this piece, four siblings as cowboys in a western setting. I'm fairly tempted to make a redo with my own sibling characters, really.
4: Eva-Beatrice fanart: again, this is something I put a lot of work in because I really loved a lot of scenes in arc 3. It was about my favorite character and also had a super wicked witch version of her appear, resulting in bizarre candy-gore scenes, so what's not to love. I still really like the pose, coloring and idea. Though her face color is kind of off for some reason.
5. Utsuho fanart: I'm not really a fan of Utsuho the idiot crow, it's more that I like the concepts surrounding her, fires of hell and nuclear fusion. Mmm. So I've drawn her several times and I think this is one of the better fanarts I did.
6. Spaaaaace explorers! I still like this because I haven't drawn this group of characters together much, despite the fact that they're an adventuring group. Maybe once I get around to doing more short comics about them.
7. Spring Estelle: I just still really love the outfit design and the background that is so simple, yet still has a lot of energy and just works. I love when things just work.
8. Space battle! When I drew this I was listening to this: https:// (without the space, it just did an embed if I put the whole link) and imagining the setup for a huge space battle, no action happened yet but two huge fleets are up against each other and things are going to explode any second. It doesn't really capture that energy but I was really into the idea when I drew it. ;v;
9. Audrey fanart with a fox: This was self-indulgent to the highest degree. I adore Audrey from Valkyria Chronicles 2 (not what she stands for, mind you) and I adore foxes and there's a scene where she talks about how she wanted to keep a pet fox when she was a kid so I drew this for myself.
10. Audrey fanart again: there's a ton of mistakes here but I still like how I drew her sitting on her tank (dem launchers on top!) with a ruined town in the background.

And now I'll be tagging a lot of you! There's no pressure to do this but I'd be really curious to get to know everyone's views on their past work, eheee.

I tag:
:iconrayvin734: :iconharmony-walls: :iconcubizsparkle: :iconjaztrix: :icondazzlingend: :iconsilverfoxx1337: :iconmetafrosty: :iconnyanyancat207: :iconsizzleboom:

And there's probably a lot more of you I should be tagging and if you see this and want to do it then please go ahead (and it's nice if you mention me so I'll notice it more easily and can see~)!

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